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Ika Sugatayaki $ 14.95
Whole squid grilled lightly salted served with garlic, ginger


Shitake Katsu $8.00

Shitake mushroom fried crispy served with yuzu sauce

Toro Don  $35.00
Chopped fatty tuna on a bed of sushi rice

Ebisen $7.50
Local whole shrimp fried and
lightly salted

Sanche $9.75
Sliced pork belly marinated in miso, grilled, and served with lettuce wrap and scallions

Kurobuta Sausages $6.50
Japanese Berkshire pork sausages

Doteyaki $12.95
Japanese braised beef

Curry Rice $15.95
Japanese style beef curry over rice

with pork katsu $21.95

Buta Kakuni $8.00
Diced pork belly cooked with soy sauce and ginger; served with mustard

Garlic Miso Wahoo $14.00
Pan seared wahoo with roasted garlic miso sauce

Harami $11.50
Salmon belly grilled with terikayi sauce

Sake Kama Miso $13.95
Salmon Collar marinate in miso
an sake then grilled

Kinoko Foil $13.95
Three kinds of mushrooms and seafood cooked with miso and butter in a foil bag

Asari $16.95
Manila clams either:
- steamed in sake and butter
- cooked in black bean sauce

Nijimasu $20.00
Grilled whole rainbow trout served with ponzu sauce

Spare Ribs $14.95
Teriyaki barbecue spare ribs

Galbi $16.95
Korean style BBQ beef

Fresh whole flounder deep fried and served with ponzu sauce

Small $24

Medium $28

Large $32

Toro Fatty tuna sashimi
5pcs $35
10pcs $60

Matcha Cheesecake $6.50

Japanese green tea cheesecake
fried $9.00

Sparkling Sake $30.00
Fresh white grapefruit, peach and melon frothy bubbles

Hamachi Kama $14.95
Japanese Yellow Tail collar
broiled with salt

Nasu Inakani $6.25
Japenese eggplant and fried tofu cooked in soy broth






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