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All brown rice substitution +$1 / Available Monday - Friday 11.30am - 3.00pm


includes shrimp and vegetable tempura, California roll, salad and miso soup


includes soup, salad, tofu, and edamame

1. Sashimi                                $15.95

9 pieces of raw fish.


2. Sautéed vegetables         $15.95 

3. Chicken Teriyaki               $15.95

4. Sushi                                   $15.95

3 seasoned rice balls topped with raw fish

5. Yakikiku                             $15.95
Stir fried beef with onion, bean sprouts & garlic


6. Fish teriyaki                       $15.95
Salmon substitution +2.50

1. Sashimi                                   $15.95

8 pieces of raw fish.


2. Sushi                                       $15.95 

3 seasoned rice balls topped with raw fish


3. Broiled salted salmon         $17.50


4. Broiled salted Mackerel     $16.95


5. Unagi Don                             $19.95

(comes with soup & pickles only)


6. Ramen                                    $19.95

Ton Kotsu or Shoyu (comes with 3 pieces of fried gyoza and rice only)


Gyoza                                             $8.00
pan fried pork dumplings (4pcs).

Soft shell crab                              $11.00
fried and serve with ponzu sauce

Bok Choy                                      $8.50
sauteed bok choy with fried tofu

Agetofu                                         $6.00
dip fried tofu served in broth with bonito
flakes, ginger & scallion

Edamame                                     $7.50
steamed green soybeans in the pod

Shigiyaki                                       $8.00
deep fried eggplant served with ginger- miso sauce

Yasaiitame                                    $10.00
sauteed vegetables
+ fried tofu $4.00
+ chicken $5.00
+ beef $6.00

Shumai                                          $8.00
steamed pork dumplings (4pcs)


Tempura Appetizer                $11.00
battered and deep fried shrimp
and vegetables

Vegetable Tempura               $8.50
assorted vegetables battered
and deep fried
Blue Island                               $11.50
krab, avocado, lettuce, masago,
and nori, rolled in cucumber

Hiyashi Wakame                     $7.00
mix of three seaweeds marinated
in sweet sauce

Tuna Tataki                              $16.50
Tuna sashimi served with
ponzu sauce

Tuna Youke                              $13.50
raw tuna in spicy sauce
Chicken Teriyaki                     $9.50
grilled dark meat chicken with
teriyaki sauce


Salad                                            $5.00
fresh vegetables with house dressing
Daikon salad                              $9.50
daikon radish, kai ware sprouts & seaweed

Harumaki(3 pieces)                  $7.00
fried vegetable spring roll

Hiyayakko                                   $5.00
Cold tofu

Oshitashi                                     $7.00
Boiled spinach in a light broth

Kimchi                                          $5.50
spicy pickles

Moyashi Kimchi                         $6.00
Steamed bean sprouts in a spicy sauce

Enoki Butter                                        $7.00
enoki mushrooms sautéed with butter

Nira Tama Toji                                     $7.50
sautéed chives folded in egg

Tsukemono                                         $6.00
assorted Japanese pickles

Natto                                                    $5.50
fermented soy beans

Yakimatsu                                              $7.00
mushrooms and onion sautéed in ponzu sauce

Yasai Kakiage                                    $7.50
fried chopped vegetable fritter

Rectangle 26 (1).png


Karashi Conch                                     $12.00
raw conch in a spicy sauce

Karashi Tako                                        $12.00
octopus in a spicy sauce

cucumber & seaweed salad topped with tosazu vinegar krab  $8.50/
octopus $12.00/ unagi $12.00

Mini Octopus                                       $8.00

baby octopus served over seaweed salad

Maguro natto                              $13.50
Sliced raw tuna topped with fermented soybeans

Maguro Yamakake.                   $13.75
sliced raw tuna topped with grated mountain potato

Ikura Oroshi                                $8.75
grated radish topped with ikura Shirasu     

Mt. Fuji                                         $15.00
cooked salmon, avocado, egg, kaiware sprouts and salmon caviar over sushi rice

Rectangle 26.png


Dynamite                                $11.00
broiled combination of fish, octopus, masago & spicy mayo

Shishamo                                $8.00
grilled smelt

Saba Shio                                $15.00
grilled Boston mackerel

Rectangle 28.png

Sake Shioyaki/Teriyaki                         $15.00
salmon fillet grilled with salt or teriyaki sauce

Hamachi Kama                                       $15.00
hamachi collar grilled with salt, served with ponzu sauce

Ebi Kakiage                                             $13.00
shrimp and vegetables fritter fried

Ebi Fry                                                      $10.00
breaded and fried shrimp (3 pcs)

Fish Katsu                                                $13.00
breaded and fried fish fillet


Beaf Youke                  $8.50
Raw beef in a spicy sauce

Beef Teriyaki               $18.95
Grilled sliced steak glazed

with teriyaki sauce

Tan Shio                       $11.50
Grilled calf’s togue

Nira Buta                      $9.25
Sauteed pork, garlic

chives & egg

Buta Kimchi                 $12.00
Sauteed pork, kimchi &


Buta shouga Yaki        $12.00
Sauteed pork with ginger

Pork Katsu                    $12.50
Breaded and deep fried pork


Yakiniku                        $12.00
Sauteed beef, onions, and

bean sprouts

Aspara Bacon              $8.00
Grilled asparagus wrapped


Okonomiyaki               $17.50
Pork, seafood & vegetable


Tori tatsuta age          $9.50
Chicken dipped in seasoning

& fried

Chicken katsu             $11.00
Breaded and deep fried



Rectangle 27.png

Dynamite                                $11.00
Broiled combination of fish, octopus,
masago & spicy mayo

Shishamo                                $8.00
Grilled smelt

Saba shio                                $15.00
Grilled Boston mackerel

Sake shioyaki/Teriyaki         $16.00
Salmon filled grilled with salt or teriyaki sauce

Hamachi Kama                     $15.00
Hamachi collar grilled with salrt, served with ponzu sauce


Ebi kakiage                            $13.00
Shrimp and vegetables fritter fried

Ebi Fry                                    $10.00
Breaded and fried shrimp (3pcs)

Fish Katsu                              $13.00
Breaded and fried fish fillet


entrees served with miso soup, salad, rice, and either tofu or wakame) brown rice substitution +$1

Katsu Teishoku
Breaded and deep fried
chicken(dark meat)                                 $22.00/
pork                                                           $23.00 /
fish                                                             $22.00

Teriyaki Teishoku

With Teriyaki sauce
chicken(dark meat)                                 $22.00/
beef                                                           $25.00 /
fish                                                             $22.00

Sake Shioyaki/Teriyaki Teishoku        $24.00

Salmon fillet grilled with salt/teriyaki

Saba shio                                                  $22.00
Boston mackerel grilled with salt

Yakiniku Teishoku                                   $22.00
Sauteed beef, onion. and bean sprouts

Tempura Teishoku                                   $20.00
Shrimp and vegetables dipped in batter and then fried

Rectangle 16.png


(brown substitution +$1)

Tea poured over rice
Nori-seaweed                                        $7.50/
pickeled plum                              $7.50/
grilled salmon                             $10.50

Japanese style omelette served over rice
Konoha - with assorted vegetables  $12.00
Oyako - with chicken and onion       $15.00
Tanin - with beef and onion               $18.00
Katsu - with breaded deep fried pork

cutlet & onion                                       $16.00

Onigiri                                           $5.50
Rice ball filled with
assorted condiments 

Tempura Donburi                       $15.00
Shrimp and vegetable tempura served
over rice

Chicken Teri Donburi                $18.00
Chicken teriyaki served over rice

Yakiniku Donburi                      $20.00
Stir fried beef, onion, and bean

sprouts over rice

Unagi donburi                            $22.00
Broiled eel with a special sauce over




fresh wheat noodles served in broth/

+4.00 pork/  +4.00 kurobuta sausage

tonkotsu                                                $17.50
-pork and vegetables in a white brot
shoyu                                                      $17.50 

-pork, vegetables and egg in a light
soy broth                       

kimchi                                                         $17.50

-pork and vegetables in a spicy broth

seafood                                                   $18.50

-assorted seafood and vegetables
in a white broth / only shri
mp +$3.00


Kake Udon/Soba                                   $11.50
white wheat or brown buckwheat
noodles in a clear broth
yasai -with vegetables                           +$3.00

tamago -with egg                                   

niku -with beef                                         +$6.00

kitsune -with fried bean curd              +$5.00

tempura -with 2 pieces of shrimp
tempura                                                     +$6.00

Nabeyaki Udon                                     $20.00
thick udon noodles in a broth with 
chicken, krab stick, tempura shrimp & vegetables

Zaru Udon/Soba                                     $13.00
cold white wheat or brown buckwheat noodles served with a special dipping sauce
+2pcs shrimp tempura   5

Yaki Udon/Soba                                       $20.00
thick udon or thin yellow noodles sautéed with assorted vegetables
+tofu 4         +chicken 5             +beef 6

Su-Shin Izakaya_Tonkotsu Ramen.jpg


(Includes either a miso soup or salad,
brown rice subtitution +1)

Nigiri                                              $16.00
6 pieces of assorted sushi
and a tekka roll

Moriawase                                    $19.50
9 pieces of assorted sushi & a tekka roll

Tekka/Salmon Don                     $22.00
sushi rice topped with slices of raw
tuna or salmon

Kaisen Don                                   $22.00
bowl of sushi rice topped with assorted

pngegg (19).png


brown rice substitution +1

Alaskan                $10.00
grilled salmon, lettuce and spicy mayo
Bird                       $9.00

chicken teriyaki, avocado, ginger & masago
Butterfly              $13.50
shrimp tempura, lettuce,avocado, asparagus,spicy mayo
California            $7.00
avocado & kani
California eel     $13.00
california topped  with grilled eel
Casey                 $10.00
tuna, avocado, scallion,cream cheese & masago
Daimyo              $14.00
tuna, kani, avocado, sesame & scallion

Deluxe Bagel     $15.00

salmon, cream cheese, scallion & cucumber

rolled in rice and topped with fresh salmon
Dragon               $13.00
shrimp tempura & spicymayo topped w/ avocado
Edamame Boy   $15.00
shrimp tempura, avocado,masago,
asparagus &spicy mayo, wrapped inedamame skin
Fantasy              $7.00
kani, masago andspicy mayo
Freshman          $9.50
grilled eel, tamago,cucumber & sesame
Fried Bagel        $8.00
cooked salmon, creamcheese & scallion; fried
Futomaki           $12.00
kani, tamago, kampyo,cucumber & spinach
Bagel                  $7.00
salmon, cream cheese& scallion
Kappa                $4.00
Lobster              $20.00
tempura lobster, avocado,asparagus & spicy mayorolled w/ masago

Minty Plum       $14.00

white fish, shiso, ume and cucumber topped

with avocado and masago
Mystery             $15.00
california roll toppedwith cooked dynamite

Myoto                     $5.00
pickled plum & shiso
Natto                      $5.50
fermented soybeans
Negi hama            $8.00
hamachi & scallion
Negi toro               $8.50
fatty tuna & scallion
Oshinko                 $4.50
japanese daikon pickles
Rainbow                $12.00
california roll topped with assorted raw fish
Ray                         $15.00
salmon tempura, kani, asparagus, cream cheese, sesame, spicy mayo & eel sauce

Rising Sun             $12.00

tuna, salmon, avocado and spicy mayo

rolled in rice and masago
Roscoe                    $9.50
eel, cream cheese  and asparagus rolled in rice, then fried
Slippery eel          $15.00
tuna, avocado, cucumber,scallion & masago topped with eel
Spicy tuna            $10.00
or spicy salmon 
with scallion, sesame and spicy sauce
Spider                    $18.00
fried soft shell crabasparagus, avocado,
masago, lettuce, sp. mayo
Sunset Strip          $15.00
hamachi, scallion, masago topped with avocado
Sunshine                $8.00
salmon skin, avocado,cucumber & masago
Tekka                     $7.00
chopped tuna
Unagi                      $8.50
grilled eel
Veg. Surprise        $8.50
spinach, asparagus,cucumber & kampyo
Young                    $14.00

fried white fish, kani,lettuce, asparagus andspicy mayo

pngegg (20).png


Amaebi                                          $7.00
sweet shrimp
Avocado                                        $2.00
Ebi                                                  $3.00

Hamachi                                       $5.50
yellow tail
Hotate                                           $5.50
Ika                                                  $3.00
Ikura                                              $7.00
salmon roe

+quail egg 1.30
Kani                                               $3.00
krab stick
Maguro                                         $5.00
Masago                                         $5.00
smelt roe

+quail egg 1.30
Saba                                              $2.50
Sake                                              $4.00
Tako                                              $5.00

Tamago                                        $2.50
Toro                                               MP
fatty tuna
Unagi                                            $5.50
Uni                                                 MP
sea urchin

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